In loving memory of Capt. Glenn Woodrick who we sadly lost on 27/01/2017. RIP Glenn.

Karen and Glenn



Regretfully Starfish Cruises is no longer in operation due to the passing of it’s wonderful Captain Glenn. Glenn and his wife Karen ran Starfish Cruises on the waterways of the Gold Coast for 6 years with hundreds of happy guests enjoying their hospitality. As Karen said in her Facebook Post “This was Glenn’s & my great passion.”  We know that their love lives on and we hope by creating a website filled with photos and memories that Karen has a place to remember those good times.

In 2013 my team built the website for Glenn and Karen and now as the website will be closed down soon, we have re-created the page as a place full of photos and memories that Karen can keep for ever. If anyone ever would like to add a photo of their time on the Starfish Cruises we would be happy to add the images.

We hope this is a happy place for Karen and her family to remember the great times they had together. RIP Glenn and Karen please smile when you see the images below.

Regards, Michael Goode & the team at Hybrid Digital Marketing.